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Celebrating Shropshire Businesses

Buy-From Shropshire: Celebrating Shropshire Businesses 

Buy-From Shropshire is an online community that celebrates creativity and production in Shropshire. I launched the business in October 2015 with the aim to create a go to destination for both Shropshire locals and tourists. The business has been born out of passion for this incredibly prolific county and, thanks to its amazing community of creatives and producers, it is going from strength to strength.

Buy-From Shropshire
Celebrating Creativity & Production in Shropshire.

Buy-From Shropshire launched with creatives: artists, designers, photographers, skincare, jewellers and designer-makers. the more research I did and connections I made, the more I realised just how creatively prolific Shropshire is. It is now my job to shout loudly about this!

In March we were invited down to the Houses of Parliament to showcase Food & Drink Production in Shropshire. This was a fascinating day during which we were proud to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside Ludlow Food Centre, Hop and Stagger, Bennett and Dunn, Champion and Reeves, Story Drinks, Ludlow Nut Company, Heather’s Harvest, Cooper’s Sausage Rolls, Wroxeter Vineyard and Gill’s Puddings.

Here is a video filmed during the day by Wild Edric Media:

One of the greatest pleasures I have had since launching Buy-From Shropshire has been building a network in Shropshire of like-minded people and organisations who share my passion for this wonderful county. Visit Shropshire Hills has been integral to this network; I have found support and enthusiasm for the work I am doing and I love being able to blog for the website in return.

I am very excited about the next 12 months and look forward to being able to grow this wonderful Shropshire community and its network in Shropshire and beyond.

For more information on how you can be a part of Buy-From Shropshire please email me on or call me on 01746 769531.

Buy-From Shropshire: Celebrating Creativity and Production in Shropshire

Louise Welsby

Louise Welsby

Buy-From Shropshire