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Keeping the details up to date on your entry on is vital to making sure that visitors to the website get the best possible experience and have all the information they need to get in contact with you.

Here are some key tips to making sure that you make the best impression:

– check your entry regularly!
– great photos with name of what the photos shows e.g. “twin bedded room”, not a photo reference number
– correct contact details
– no information that becomes out of date quickly. For example If you run a special event, write about it in general terms in your entry “local agricultural show every August” and then take advantage of our Events page to publicise the specific details/prices/opening hours for the year
– prices – only add this if you plan to update each year, alternatively add an additional link to your own website pricing page. 

To update

– (easiest option) send details to and we will forward to our web manager to update.
– You can update your own entry by following the instructions below.

You will find it easier to update using a desktop/laptop computer rather than a mobile device.

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Update 1

On your full listing page click the Edit button located under the page title.

When the edit screen appears make changes as required.

You can add your own images by using the Drop Files Here box. Please note images must be jpg format and below 1mb in size. Please do not attempt to upload PDFs, DOCs, etc as they will not work! 

When you have completed the changes please click the Submit Listing. Please ignore the Preview button!

If you experience any problems please email and we will help!