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Clun & the Clun Valley

Clun & the Clun Valley

“Clunton and Clunbury, Clungunford and Clun are the quietest places under the sun”

Clun Bridge

As you enter the Clun Valley, the gently rolling hills usher you to a place that, for some, defies the pressures of the hasty modern world.

But that’s OK,  it’s nice to take it easy, keep it simple, and get back to a more relaxing way of life, isn’t it? Isn’t what we are all looking for?

Well in that case – look no further. If the great A. E. Housman can describe Clun and its closest neighbours as the quietest places under the sun, who are we to argue? The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so if you are looking for rest, relaxation, escape and letting go – tuck in, the Clun Valley will not disappoint you.

The small, beautiful, timeless villages and hamlets along the valley are tied to the silver string of the river from which the main town gets its name. Explore them by foot and bicycle and fall in love with the thatched roofs, old stone walls, pretty gardens and idyllic settings next to the glittering waters. Some of them have great pubs too – but more of that later.

About Clun

Clun Castle, Clun, Shropshire
Clun Castle, Clun, Shropshire

The Anglo-Saxons recognised the strategic value of controlling the shallow fords, establishing a motte and bailey castle and the village of St George. But, it was the Normans that took this footprint and sealed the border to Wales with an impressive stone fortress. The new town, laid out in the rigid Norman grid pattern, became Clun. The castle’s imposing walls may be diminished in modern times, but it’s still worthy of a visit – if only for the views from the castle mound.

The remains of the old village can still be found in the humps and bumps of the fields across the Pack Horse Bridge. And speaking of the bridge…you couldn’t find a prettier place for a photograph, picnic or paddle. Come when the blossom is out and watch your Insta and Facebook likes take off.

On hazy summer and lazy autumn days the sun pools like syrup in this gorgeous valley. Lose time and find something special. Clun and the Clun Valley is perfect for a lazy holiday or indulgent short break. 

Key Events During the Year

Clun Valley Beer Festival – September
Clun Green Man Festival – May
Clun Carnival and Show – 1st Saturday in August