Shropshire Hills & Ludlow



There is a new special offers system. It doesn’t ‘self-delete’ but will stop displaying the offers after the end date. It can also show offers without start and end date.

The new special offers page  is not showing £ signs correctly, but we are looking to tidy that.

To add  a special offer, first you need to login as normal:

Scroll down to “Member’s Login” in the right column.
Enter    your registered email into the Email box
Enter password 
Click sign in
Scroll down to “Member Login” again.
Click My Listings, then Click Accommodation or Activities in the box below.
Your details should appear in the left column. Click on the title to show full details.
At the top of the right column click the “Edit this Post” link

Now the new bit

On the edit page you will see a Special offer text box – IGNORE THIS!!
below the box is a button EDIT OFFERS – click this
Click ADD ITEM to add a new special offer.

Offer Title: name of property

Visible Date:  the date you want the offer to start showing on the website – usually today’s date.

Start date / End date: Offer start & end date OR tick Make this offer visible all the time (though is this then a special offer?)

Deal Image: Ignore to use your default thumbnail or you can add an image which will be shown on the the full Special Offers page at

Voucher Image: IGNORE THIS!
Click Save Item
Click Save again
Update the page as normal


To edit / delete special offer

Click the EDIT OFFERS button below the Special Offer box
Click on the Title
Edit as required or click the Delete Item button.