Shropshire Hills & Ludlow


Arts and culture in the Shropshire Hills in Ludlow

What is culture? The answer to that can be hard to pin down, precisely because it can mean different things to different people.

For sure, the culture of a place flows from its people, its history, its customs, its traditions.

The Shropshire Hills are distinctive in all these aspects and the relationship between the landscape and the people who live here is hugely productive one, culturally.

Artistic people find stimulation in the landscape, which can effortlessly combine tranquillity with high drama. And with a rich and dramatic history evidenced by the many relics of ancient peoples, and by the ruins of castles from more recent turbulent times, it’s small wonder culture in all its forms is alive and well here.

Indeed, the Shropshire Hills are a veritable hive of artistic activity, with vibrant festivals enjoyed by local people and visitors alike. Some of these events, like Clun’s Green Man Festival, draw their inspiration from ancient tradition, others – like the festivals at Church Stretton and Bishop‘s Castle, and Ludlow’s Fringe – set out to bring the best of contemporary artistic endeavour to the Shropshire Hills. You can find out more about events & festivals across the Shropshire Hills here.

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