Shropshire Hills & Ludlow



What branding is all about

On 3rd April 2019 we  launched a complete rebrand for the Shropshire Hills destination. The aim of the destination rebrand is to create a consistent, meaningful and inspirational vision for the area. We hope that the rebrand will encourage organisations across the region to use a consistent approach based on the rebrand to inspire their own marketing and communications, whilst encouraging them to feel part of a greater whole. Ultimately the rebrand is about championing the Shropshire Hills with a view to encouraging an increase in visitors numbers, length of stay and spend whilst here.
We have created a map image, which you are welcome to use on your website or on social media.
We have also attached an image that you are welcome to use in your marketing and communications. Our aim is provide you with a different image each month, which can assist you with your social media, as well as providing you with a blog about the area that you are welcome to share on social media or add to your website. Today, we gift you our first image for members to use. The brand Shropshire Hills will be most recognisably defined by the photography associated with it. The destination imagery should reflect that this is a land to be shared when discovering, exploring, cycling, walking….. 
We are inviting our members to include the new members badge to their website with a link back to Visit Shropshire Hills. If you are unsure how to do this and will be asking someone to do it for you, please pass on the following instructions:
There are three badges to choose from: the simple brand badge, the Proud Member badge, and the market towns badge. Once you have selected which you would like to use, please add it to the footer of the website with a link back to Visit Shropshire Hills. The suggested URL to use is:
What happens next?
We will be officially launching the rebrand at the Tourism Expo in April, which we hope you will be able to attend. The Tourism Expo will give us further opportunity to discuss the objectives of, and opportunities with, the rebrand. We will have Visit Shropshire Hills postcards to give you for you to give away or sell and we will be discussing a number of events that will be happening throughout the year to drive engagement with the area and raise our tourism profile.
Every month we will be including a brand asset in our newsletter to you as well as sharing new blogs. If you would like to contribute to our blogging program, please email


Badge and link

We have set up  some snippets of code for members to add a logo and link on their own websites. See for full information


Here are January’s assets for you – logos, brief guidelines and a picture
Member Logo                           Plain Logo                                     Logo with URL


Logo with URL

Picnic at Wenlock Priory This shows a family enjoying a great time at one of the local historic attractions.
Family at Ludlow Castle
Walkers on Bromlow Callow, Shropshire.

Caer Caradoc and the Lawley from the Burrway taken by Philip King. link here

Branding Document